Token Listing

If you would like to list your token on (our Dyakon Ecosphere e-commerce platform) and (our Dyakon Ecosphere crypto e-wallet) so your customers can purchase goods and services with your token and experience the level-up transfer efficiency and low fee or free transactions that can save them time and money, please send the following documents and information to

  • Project white paper.
  • Legal opinion.
  • Your social media account(s).
  • Documents related to your company.
  • As part of the CDD process, other documents may be required.
  • Self attested contract. Click on the download button to download the contract. Download
  • You will receive an offer within 7 business days after we review your documents.
  • Dyakon Ecosphere project is a world of endless possibilities and incredible potential, and it's waiting for you to join us.